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My Work in Progress: Netapp 8.3 NCDA NS0-157 Study Guide


I have had many requests to make a new study guide for the new cDot 8.3 exams.  The first I have decided to create is for the NS0-157 NCDA.   I will be working on this over the next few months as time allows, and also updating my NCIE-SAN cDot Study Guide.


This is the permalink to the main page, which I will then link off of to create individual guides per section.



Top critical sections lots of customers ask me about,:

* Data protection:  DP, XDP, TMP, LS whats it all mean?  

* Data protection: Version independant snapmirrors. (XDP)

* Failover Groups > Broadcast domains, subnets and all that ipspace stuff.



What topics would you all like to see added in the first round?  What's most confusing to all of you?


Jarett Kulm


twitter: @JK47TheWeapon





I must be missing something. When I go to the permalink I find just a summary of subjects I should know. It almost seems like the page is cut off. Is there more there that I can't see? If so, how do I get to the rest of it?


Hi Keith,


I'm not certain which link you're referencing nor what you're expecting to find. Please let me know or just email me at


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Uh, the link that is posted in the original posting.




Thank you, Jarett would need to respond as that is his material.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


If you fail the NS0-157 test, is there a waiting period before you can take it again? 


Hello, the retake policy is as follows:


Exam Retake Policy

For Passed Exams

  • A candidate who passes an exam must wait 18 months before retaking the exam.
  • A candidate whose passing score has been revoked must wait 30 days before retaking the exam.

For Failed Exams

  • First failure: A candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  • Multiple failures: A candidate must wait 14 days before retaking the exam.

All NetApp Certification Program Policies can be found here:


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager

were there anyone passed the exam?


Hi Jarret,


              I'd like to know better about Export policies and rules as well if it's possible. I'm reading your compilation and it's really good!


              Thanks for taking the time to do it!




You got it!


Ill type up something for that soon!  Thanks for the request




Thanks for taking the time to compile this.  I'm planning on taking this test in the next week.   I've actually printed out your study guide and downloaded all of the related documents.  It's awesome!  Thanks!


Do you know if the NS0-157 is a lot different content/format wise than the NS0-156?    I've been able to find way more additional study material and flash cards for NS0-156.




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