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My impressions on the NS0-157 Test


So, I will start off by saying, I passed the certification test last week on the new test 8.3, but I do have some comments on the test...


I'm extremely proficient in Netapp, especially 7-mode which i'm certified in as well.  I do 7-mode and cDOT all day for a fortune 50 company, and I'm not saying this as an arrogance thing because thats the last thing I am, I am, however, saying this because for someone that does this everyday I found the test extremely challenging.    (please view my post activity as reference)


I would like to share my experiences with the people who created the tests, but the forums are not the proper place to do this.   Please drop me a private message so we can setup some time to talk live.


I will say, if you do this everyday as a career you will have some struggles with the test, not because you do not know the material but because you can make a lot of the answers work if you had too... 


Study Up!





I passed the exam today which was my second attempt. I agree it is extremely challenging and I am relieved that its over, although I do have to wait 3 days for the security checks to be made on me to make sure I did not cheat! OK I used Google looking for tips, so I hope that does not disbar me as I certainly did not use any brain dumps. The course materials are not enough to pass the exam on, and you have to read all the documentation that is suggested on the NetApp site, but to be honest there is so much to read that its almost impossible to remember it all, well it is for me anyway. So good luck to all of you out there, and all I can say is read up on everything because the questions that come up will blow your mind.


I would be more than happy to get your input on this (or any) of the NetApp exams. Regarding that you found it challenging, this is a good thing! Certification exams are meant to be challenging to ensure that those who are not qualified cannot represent themselves as certified NetApp professionals.


When writing the exams, we work with NetApp Subject Matter Experts who define the profile of the successful candidate (in this case a NetApp Data Administrator) and write questions with this candidate skill level in mind. This is standard practice throughout the industry.


Feel free to contact me at


Gregory Hyman, PMP

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager

NetApp University


For those of you whom come across this thread the only advice that I can give you is to study all the material and TR's.


Please do not private message me as I will not respond.




Hi Greg


Sorry for taking 4 years to respond as I completely missed all these messages until today.






I took the test a while back and imho this test needs some surgery.

In the past if you would follow a NetApp course and learn the books , you would pass the test as for each question, NetApp would be able to say look at chapter X, page Y which holds the answer for that question.

NetApp is falling in the trap that other companies have in the past which is seeing these tests as another avenue for a quick buck.

I even know people that teach NetApp for a living who didn't pass this exam (people who REALLY know NetApp inside and out).

If you want people to take the test seriously, you can't just publish a pdf with references to 3000+ pages of content and say: well, just memorize that stuff and we'll ask x amount of questions about it. (Believe it or not, but IT people are just like regular people with real lives)

NetApp has one of the best simulators in the business, why ask some show commands and rate those questions higher when compared to useless facts nobody cares about or if I really need to know I'll google them?



Hello Socra,


Thank you for your input. The NetApp Certification Program has increased the rigor used to develop our exams. This includes working with subject matter experts and a psychometrician (a PhD with specialized skills) to ensure that our exams meet industry standards. Most NetApp certifications require 6 – 12 months of experience working with the product.


If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me directly.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Hi Greg,
Thanks for the quick reponse, I don't want to make this a long discussion so I won't
Just take a look at the reference document:

On top of the other requirements, that's still 3000+ pages of content to go through..I believe VMWare at one time did the same but they now changed that and  point out which of the x-thousand pages you should look at...I'll leave it at that.




There's nothing wrong with that.


I'm tired of all the paper certs out there taking the real jobs of people that work hard.


I'm very active on this board and I see the questions that are asked from certified people.  


The only gripe I have is more practical questions, thats all


I do not advocate to point to pages, that is just making our cert a paper cert. And I don't want that


I understand what you're saying but I don't believe a single pdf with references to 3000+ pages of content is helping to stop paper certs who won't bother reading those in the first place.
Only reason I commented on this post is that a good friend of mine who lives and breathes NetApp for many years has failed this exam, he just doesn't care and moves on because he's got a bigger cert than  NS0-157 which is Certified by Experience. (CBE)
FYI I did pass the exam (barely) not because I'm better then my friend (I know that for a fact) but because I got some "better" questions on my test than he did.

On the practical questions we are in total agreement, hell just skip the bs questions and give us a simulator and go from there 😉


Do you thnk newbies to Netapp have an advantage because our minds are not filled with all the ins and outs of an experience person?




Except for the NetApp Certified Storage Associate, all NetApp certifications recommend having at least six months experience with our products before attempting the certification. Certain skills are best learned by working with the product and not just by attending a course.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager

New 8.3 NSO-157 is very difficult... I did not pass this first time and I have been working with CDOT now for 8 months.... And I know 7- mode very well. Questions certainly open my mind to what I don't know still on CDOT. Much better test than previous 7-mode tests.