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NCDA NS0-160 / NS0-160i


Hi all,


was just checking Pearson VUE website for NetApp Exam NS0-159 which is not provided anymore. Instead they offer NS0-160 and NS0-160i for NCDA. Is NS0-159 End Of Life / superceeded by NS0-160 ?

NetApp website still shows up with NS0-159.


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Update: The following website has been updated in the meantime to reflect NS0-160:



Re: NCDA NS0-160 / NS0-160i


The exams are constantly updated to reflect the new and deprecated feature, roughly on a yearly cadence at this point. The original NCDA for Clustered ONTAP was released in 2013 and was labelled NS0-156 and has been incrementing since. The last NCDA 7-mode exam, now deprecated was NS0-155.


At some point this exam will collide with other specializations and a re-numbering will likely happen.

Re: NCDA NS0-160 / NS0-160i


The NS0-160 was just writen/updated in Jan 2019 and includes up to ONTAP 9.5.  


Sometimes pearson and whatever vendor are off a few days with their technical certs.   

Re: NCDA NS0-160 / NS0-160i


And don't worry about the "i", except if you are a NetApp Instructor. The 160i is the exact same exam, just with a higher percentage to pass. NetApp instructors are supposed to take that test...



NetApp Instructor... 🙂

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