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NS0-158 Exam - Suggestions on areas to focus on?




I am preparing to take the NS0-158 NCDA exam and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on areas to focus on for the test?  Other than of course practiing in the simulator and reading the documentation.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




Read through the prep page for the exam:


Take the practice test:


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Eugene E. Kashpureff, Sr.
Independent NetApp Consultant
Senior NetApp Instructor, FastLane US
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I think it's more focus on CLI commands and interpreting CLI outputs than it used to be in earlier versions.







I am currently attending the Netapp training (Cluster admin + Data protection) and would like to get some feedback :


- did you pass the exam ?

- what is your experience, and recommanded time to feel comfortable for exam passing ?

- do you have any other useful tips ?







Laszlo -


You're in class - ask your instructor !


I'm teaching the same classes this week, and used your questions on this post for discussion with the class.


Say 'Hello' to your instructor for me as well ?




I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Eugene E. Kashpureff, Sr.
Independent NetApp Consultant
Senior NetApp Instructor, Fast Lane US
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I'm not a netapp guru, i'm just the guy who manages various types of arrays, various vendors, but  i have migrated couple of 7 mode arrays in metrocluster config to Netapp CDOT 8.3 and now manage them on daily basis. Unfortunatelly I didn't pass the exam 158.

5 or 4  correct answers more and i'd pass it 🙂

I thought that just on the basis of couple years of experience with 7 mode and cdot 8.3 i should pass it, but exam was very focused on new version 9.1 features, new CLI commands/outputs, in general although Netapp recommends everywhere using GUI on the exam you will have more CLI oriented questions..

So long story short I will be adding new nodes to my cDot clusters soon and they will be on 9.1 version, so i will give a try to pass that exam when i complete upgrade to 9.1 and have some time to play with that version.

If you're lucky to be on netapp training now ask lots of questions about new features on 9.1 (i assume you have experience with earlier versions ?)


Good Luck





G’day mbezak,


I have recently cracked this exam with a decent score. I have around 7+ years’ experience in NetApp gear but this exam needs  decent study to cover the syllabus.


Please be mindful that you need to understand the underlying logic behind the technology (ies) as ONTAP 9.1 architecture is engineered differently than older versions of DOT.


I would recommend you doing following trainings before you start studying to get your concepts right (requires NetApp login else create a new one).


These trainings are completely free on NetApp website.


  1. ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals 
  2. ONTAP NAS Fundamentals 
  3. ONTAP SAN Fundamentals 
  4. ONTAP  Data Protection Fundamentals 
  5. ONTAP Analysis Fundamentals

Once you completed these, try giving the NSO-158 NetApp practice exam


If you can afford or your company is paying, I would recommend instructor led training.


Best way to learn is using examples on simulator and using NetApp ONTAP 9 documentation centre to know more about the topic.


When you have nailed above, nail each part of ONTAP syllabi as per sections below :



  • Concepts and components of a NetApp® storage architecture
  • Configurations supported by the ONTAP® OS
  • Supported hardware configurations for clusters and controllers/nodes


  • ONTAP components and features
  • Concepts, operation, and functionality of Snapshot copies
  • Storage efficiency features and functionalities
  • Use of management tools

High Availability

  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot high-availability features
  • Failover functionality and operation

Protocol Administration

  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot NAS protocols and solutions
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot SAN protocols and solutions


  • Network concepts and components
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot network features and components
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot cluster interconnect features and components


  • Create, configure, and expand aggregates
  • Create and configure volumes
  • Disks, disk shelves, and RAID groups


  • Administer performance tools and output
  • Usage and rules for storage tiering


  • ONTAP Security concepts, strategies, and configurations
  • Storage encryption and compliance features 

Data Protection

  • NetApp storage protection concepts, operations, and functionalities
  • Configure, administer, and troubleshoot SnapMirror and SnapVault technology


To be fair dinkum, I have used this strategy and I have passed with a good score.


Every person is different and I cannot generalise anyone's commitment but I think this strategy worked for me to crack this exam.


Hope this helps.Smiley Very Happy



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Thank you for the comments and recommendations.  I ended up not passing the exam, however I have re-scheduled the exam 8 weeks from now.  @Rajmatizer Thank you for the detailed items that you focused on, I will be attempting the same as well as building a 9.1 simulator environment.  I will post my results on the exam for anyone that is interested after I take it. 


While there is alot of good info already posted, thought I'd just provide a little guidance on the new features of ONTAP 9.1...


So, first port of call should always be the Release Notes. There are sections detailing all the new features and enhancements and is essential reading - Release Notes (however please be aware that the ONTAP 9 Documentation Centre is updated to the most recent release - so need to filer just the ONTAP 9.1 features for the exam).


There is a NetApp University WBT, just 15mins around the main new features found in ONTAP 9.1 - ONTAP 9.1 New Features


Off the back of this below are some links to TR docs relating to the new features, giving alot of info - probably more than you need for the exam, however if you understand it you'll be able to answer any quesiton (in theory!):


This list is not exhaustive and these items may or may not appear in the exam, it is just a list to give you more understanding of the new features than the manual may provide.


Also, were you aware the NetApp publish the reference documents/guides/KB articles etc that are used in the exam:


Hope you find this useful and good luck!








@sgrant Thank you for this info!  Every little bit helps!!


this is truly awosome guide you have provided, I personally like to follow your guidance for my NS0-158 exam. Do you suggest online practice exams from nwexam like given below?


Every person is different and I cannot generalise anyone's commitment but I think this strategy worked for me to crack this exam.


Hi sofitapaul, you need to be careful with these sites since the NetApp Certification Program Policies has a list of Exam Fraud examples that these may fall into...
Also, I've heard that a lot of the answers are incorrect - indeed the Sample Questions in the link you provided Q10 has the incorrect answer, while this was correct in 7-mode you can no longer change the language of a volume.
The manuals, TR docs and simulator should put you in good stead, if you don't have the exposure to work with the environment everyday.
Good luck,


I am scheduled to take the ES0-159 test but everything on this site is still showing the 158 information. Were can I get the updated study materal? 


Hi, yes, I noticed the reference document referred to on the NetApp Certificatiosn page has not yet been updated to include NSO159 ( - still referring to NSO158. However, since 158 is based upn ONTAP 9.1 and 159 on ONTAP 9.3, the real difference will be the changes and new features. I would definately add the 9.3 Release Notes to your list of material and use that to refer to the relevant areas in the 9.3 manuals that have changed between the versions.


Good luck.



All -


I'd review all changes in the 9.2 and 9.3 release notes.


All of the other advice in this thread is still very relavent ...

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff, Sr.
Independent NetApp Consultant
Senior NetApp Instructor, Fast Lane US
(P.S. I appreciate 'kudos' on any helpful posts.)