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NetApp IT Sessions at Insight Berlin 2016




I am due to attend NetApp Insight in Berlin next month and noticed there was a blog post at for the Las Vegas event, is there one for the Berlin event?


I have one question which I been unable to find out from looking on the web and my question is to do with the free certification element.


I never done any NetApp certifications but would see myself as a proficient NetApp administrator having worked with various NetApp technologies over the last 5 years. I would like to take up this opportunity to gain the certifications as it adds value to my own profile but I wanted to ask where I can start and just wanted to confirm the following:


Am I right in saying that at the entry level I could take NetApp Certified Support engineer NCSA (NSO-191) or if my level is more advanced I could delve straight into the NetAPP Certified Data Administrator ONTAP (NSO-157) certification? I noticed there is also a 7-mode version for this? My experience is more with 7-mode over cDOT would there be the opportunity to take both?


Am I also correct in saying that if I was to pass any of the NCDAs I could then take one of the NCIE exams?


I also understand there are exam sessions and hands on labs at the event but I wanted to begin some reading and get an understands of what could come up on the exam beforehand, are there resources I can tap into to aid in my learning ready for the event? Our organisation are existing NetApp customers which is via a UK NetApp reseller and I do have access to the support portal but is there any training specific material I can access or is this for vendors/partners only? I appreciate I don’t have much time till the event but appreciate any useful advice that can be given?


Also how does one register for an exam? Can this be done at the event itself or does it need to be done before hand? Also I assume it is exam questions but can we take any resources in with us or is it purely a closed book exam?   


Appreciate any advice that can be given





Re: NetApp IT Sessions at Insight Berlin 2016




I believe that there will be an guide for the Berlin event, but you would need to contact to confirm. I have contacted them and will post their response once I receive it, but encourage you to contact them directly as well.


Regarding your questions about which exams to take, I would recommend starting off with the NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NS0-155 for 7-Mode or 157 for ONTAP) of the technology with which you are most comfortable. Our newer exams are all written towards ONTAP, so you should take that into consideration. While the NetApp Certified Suppot Engineer (NS0-191) recommends that you take the NS0-157 (NCDA ONTAP) it is not a requirement for the exam. Still, I would recommend both based on what you've shared. The two exams are independent and can be taken whenever you feel most comfortable.


Regarding the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer exams, three of the four do require the NCDA. While you can take the test without having the NCDA, you will not earn the NCIE certification until the prerequisite NCDA is earned.


The Certification room (Hall 7, floor 3, room: Berlin 1) will be open the entire event and will be accepting walk-ins throughout the event as well. I recommend making your exam reservations now. Once you register for the event (through the login) you will be able to register for three exams. At the event, you can register for as many exams as our retake policy allows. During the event, I recommend that you stop by the Certification room earlier to make more reservations to ensure that you will be able to take as many exams as you would like.


Visit the individual exam Prepare tabs to start your preparation for the exams. These are the only NetApp approved resources to prepare for the exams prior to NetApp Insight.


If you have any more questions, please post them here, email me, or visit the Certification Help Desk in Berlin 1.


Best of luck and I will see you at Insight!


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager

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Re: NetApp IT Sessions at Insight Berlin 2016


Thanks you Greg for that information that is very useful. I have already contacted that email for information so hopefully they can assist.


I'll see you at Insight!

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