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New Certification! NetApp Certified Cloud and Storage Services Engineer Professional


How do you stay ahead of the technology curve?

Pass this exam. Those that achieve this certification have validation of their ability to deploy, configure and administer the NetApp cloud storage and data services solutions.

For those who were our early adopters by taking the beta exam, we hope your share your new digital badge socially tagging #NetAppCertifed!

  • Exam Title: Cloud and Storage Services Engineer Exam
  • Exam Code: NS0-700
  • Course ID:  NS0-NCCSSE

The exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of the following NetApp products: 

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Azure NetApp Files
  • Cloud Volumes Service
  • FSx for NetApp ONTAP
  • BlueXP (Cloud Manager)
  • Cloud Insights
  • BlueXP Copy & Sync
  • BlueXP Tiering
  • BlueXP Backup & Recovery

Target Audience

  • Professional Services Engineer
  • Storage Engineer
  • Cloud Data Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Solution Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Minimally qualified candidate (MQC)

The minimally qualified candidate (MQC) is an experienced systems engineer with a minimum of 12 months of field experience deploying, configuring, and administering NetApp data management solutions in the cloud.

The candidate has working knowledge of NetApp services and products in the cloud.

All MQCs should be able to:

  • Understand basic concepts of the Cloud landscape.
  • Troubleshoot networking/security/firewalls issues during deployment.
  • Configure infrastructure components (active directory, MFA, DNS, NTP).
  • Implement and configure product features (from product portfolio).
  • Identify where to find resources related to documentation.
  • Register systems after deployment, health check deployed system.
  • Perform knowledge transfer and document what has been built.
  • Interpret logs, configure DR relationships/backup/recovery/other data services.
  • Gather customer data (credentials, firewalls, etc.).


I took the beta exam and remembered thinking to myself, "Geez, am I taking the Solutions Architect Associate exams for AWS, Azure, and Google?" I'll be the first to admit that I did not have the knowledge of Azure and Google needed to pass this exam so hopefully my retake will go a bit smoother. I just hope that the URLs that are in the newest exam are updated especially since some of the questions asked for specific locations and none of the answers had the correct URLs.