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Re-Certification of NetApp Certs



Have been looking and sent a few emails with no response.  My NCDA expired and I need to get re-certified.  I know that when first taking the exam, the voucher must come from the company to show that you did attend the required class.  Can I schedule myself for the re-certification exam or do I have to go through the company?  If so, who?


I have sent multiple emails to different personnel within NetApp but never received a reply.  So, I am here to ask those in the trenches for their help.


Thanks in advance.




Re: Re-Certification of NetApp Certs

@Harisheldon wrote:

I know that when first taking the exam, the voucher must come from the company to show that you did attend the required class.

You are mistaken, actually multiple times. Exam is unrelated to attendance confirmation. Actually, exam does not require that you attend any class at all - if you fill confident enough, you can just schedule exam and pass (at least take Smiley Wink) it. Nor does exam require a voucher. Just go to Pearson Vue, schedule exam, pay for it - you are done. You may get voucher to cover exam costs on some occasions, but it is in no case a rule.


And BTW exam results/certiications are yours personally - should you change your employer, you come with your certifcates, which is exactly why people do pay for them.

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Re: Re-Certification of NetApp Certs

Thanks for the quick reply.  I guess I will be putting that on my schedule within the next two months.

Re: Re-Certification of NetApp Certs

Hello James,


User aborzenkov is absolutely correct. You do not need to take the recommended training to take an exam (but it is recommended). You can schedule any NetApp exam at anytime through Pearson VUE (


Regarding exam vouchers, they are periodically offered along with certain courses, but a voucher is not required to take the exam. You will need to pay for the exam without a voucher ($150 USD).


Also, it is your responsibility to ensure that your user information is accurate (email address, company) if you are taking an exam for compliance purposes.


Finally, if you have any additional certification questions, please contact and you will receive a response within 2-3 business days.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager

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