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The Unofficial Guide to Learning ONTAP 9


As an instructor at NetAppU I have been asked many times for guidance about how to learn a product or solution. Where should I start? Where should I go next? How do I find a course. Now, as a course developer I find myself asking those same questions. I felt like I needed a cheatsheet.


I started to collect as much information about learning a particular product or solution into a single document, which I call "The Unofficial Guide to Learning ONTAP 9". It has become a sort of living document that I update or add to as needed, and use pretty much daily. I would like to create guides for the other products and solutions as (free) time permits.


I am sharing this with anyone who thinks they could use it - feel free to share it as well. Just please don't go and sell it!  Man Wink


Please send any comments, suggestions or issues to:



Jeff Tardie


Re: The Unofficial Guide to Learning ONTAP 9



I'm just startign with NetApp. Learning on my own. This is an excellent material for me.



Re: The Unofficial Guide to Learning ONTAP 9


Absolutely my pleasure.


Let us know if it helped or have any questions/comments/suggestions.

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