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You can now easily add your NetApp certification credential to your LinkedIn Profile!


Easily add your NetApp certification credential to your LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn members who display their certification information get up to 6 times the amount of views than those who don’t list their certifications, so improve your exposure now!


To add your NetApp certification to your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Login to CertCenter (
  2. Select Certifications in the menu bar.
  3. To the right of the certifications name, under the Download header, select Add to LinkedIn.
  4. This will open up your LinkedIn profile. Review the details to be posted and select Edit certification details to make any modifications.
  5. After you have confirmed that the information is correct, select the Add to Profile
  6. For “License numbers”, select Does not apply.
  7. Review your LinkedIn profile page to ensure your certification information was posted correctly.
  8. To update your LinkedIn certification information, use the LinkedIn profile edit options.


If you have any questions, please contact