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Insight 2019

I am new to the Netapp community and my company recently purchased two storage devices. My boss wants me to attend the Insight 2019 to get some certifications for Netapp. I am very new to this so does any one have any advice on which ones to get or which ones to start with since i am very green. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Insight 2019


I'm assuming they added some passes to insight in your purchase. 

If you don't have it already, book airfair to Vegas and a hotel as well.    


As far as insight goes here's the main site to go to for things-> 

I recommend registering for Level 1 and maybe a level 2 session as well. 

Sessions link: 


There are intro to ONTAP sessions as well as some cert prep sessions as well.    NCSA and NCDA are probably the first two certs you'll want to focus on.  

(note: Times to take the cert tests get registered through Pearson's site)