CIFS: SMB2 on Linux clients?

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Hi all;


we're trying (and failing) to mount a NetApp CIFS share on Linux boxes in SMB2 mode. Situation so far:


* Mounting the NetApp CIFS share using SMB2 works well on Windows 7 clients, so I assume the NetApp has SMB2 correctly enabled.

* Mounting CIFS shares exposed by a Windows 2012 file server using SMB2 or even SMB3 works well on these Linux boxes so I assume these machines are generally able to speak to a SMB2+ server.

* However, mounting the NetApp CIFS share on the Linux machines using any "newer" version of SMB reproducibly fails:


kaleid:~$ sudo mount -t cifs -o vers=2.0,nodfs,credentials=/home/kristian/bin/filer,uid=kr,gid=kr // /mnt
mount error(95): Operation not supported

[  967.925655] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -95
[  972.198283] CIFS VFS: cifs_read_super: get root inode failed


Known problem? Any idea how to work around this? System is a FAS2020 running OnTAP 7.3.7P3.

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Re: CIFS: SMB2 on Linux clients?



have you ever found a solution for this behaviour. I get the same. I was able to get a connection with smbclient but not with mount.cifs and the kernel cifs module