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CIFS and NFS symbolic links



Doing work for a customer, they have files on a Netapp theat were put there with NFS then subsequently changed to Linux symbolic links. When they try to retrieve the files using a CIFS client connection, all of the files appear to be "folders". When one of the files is double clicked to open it, permission is denied.


They are able to traverse folders within folders with out issue.


I found this KB:


In this statement:


Symbolic link mapping to CIFS referrals only works for directories, not for files.


it seems to imply that symbolic links only work with directories, and not files.


would setting up any soprt of widelinks help remedy this?






Re: CIFS and NFS symbolic links

afaik, only works for directory. so is that possible for u to put all these files in a folder and symbolic link the fold?

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