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Can you change the CIFS ~snapshot directory naming convention

I was wondering is it possible to change the snapshot directory naming convention.

Currently the folders in the ~snapshot directory have the following format

30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.5
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.0
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.1
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.2
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      nightly.0
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.3
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      hourly.4
30/12/2011  18:38<DIR>      nightly.2

The problem i can see with this format is administrators will understand when the snapshots have been created.

I would take a guess that our users would not understand when the snapshot has been created and therefore would struggle to locate the correct file for restore. I would ideally like to use the date and time for the folder name if possible.

We are running Data ONTAP 8.0.1




Re: Can you change the CIFS ~snapshot directory naming convention

Not sure, how to change the default naming conventions but for workaround can suggest two ways..

1.) stop default snapshots on filer and use shell script to create manual snapshots with required "naming conventions" as per your required schedule.

2.) For some occassions, for user facitlity.. you can rename the snapshots names as per your requirement..

Both above tasks can be accomplished using "snap command" used on filer..

Hope this will help!


Re: Can you change the CIFS ~snapshot directory naming convention

Hi Matt

We can change the scheduled snapshot to time when it was created using the vol options command. Herewith attaching the possible syntax valuse accepted for the same . This has to be set for individual volume i.e volume by volume basis

   vol options <volume name> schedsnapname {create_time | ordinal}

By default ordinal will be selected which is the reason why the hourly and nightly naming conventions are seen.



Re: Can you change the CIFS ~snapshot directory naming convention

Or another workaround would be to change the Windows Explorer to display the "Date Accessed" instead of "Date Created", then date and time is correct.

Hope this helps,


Re: Can you change the CIFS ~snapshot directory naming convention

Thank you to all for the good tips. I have tested Kumaresan's method and it appears to do what we were looking for.