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Configure CIFS on FAS-2240-2

Hello All,

  We recently racked in our new FAS-2240-2 system with external disk shelves and so far so good. I asked a question a week or so ago and got some great input and am back for more.  The current plan it to host both CIFS and VMware on the system and expand it over the next few years.  Now it has been about 10 years since I last touched a NetApp system and things have changed a lot and I need some pointers.  We are running 7-Mode in a HA configuration.

  The great thing is there is no data on the system so I can blow up and rebuild as much as I like over the next week or so.  I am currently struggling with CIFS configuration and cannot find docs in the support portal to look over.  I did find several for Cluster Mode but we are not there yet so while it is good information it does not speak directly to our needs.  Would one of you fine people be able to help me find a doc, heck lets build one that can walk or at least give some good guidance on how to create a CIFS share on this new system.




Re: Configure CIFS on FAS-2240-2

Hi Jim,

1.  First you need to configure the CIFS in your filer using cifs setup command and follow the steps. During the Setup procees if the filer asks to add Active Directory you need to that.

2. Then you can create Volumes and Qtrees based on your requirement.

3. Create the Shares Using cifs shares -add <share name> <path name>

4. We are giving access to the hosts using cifs -access <share name> <user or group> <access rights( likeFull control or read)>

5. Finally check Users & Connections using cifs sessions command

Re: Configure CIFS on FAS-2240-2


  Thanks for the info, I really do appreciate it.  I guess I need to backup a bit.  Creating a CIFS share is as you described.  I am also looking at the network side of things.  When you run through the initial setup i it asks about the admin host and the filer IP.  If someone is not very familiar with the concepts, I am a bit behind, how is that tackled?  This is only the initial setup and you have not configured the networking portion yet.  True while running through the initial setup it asked about configuring aggr nics but how do you know what that is?

  I have e0a thru e0d configured as individual NICs.  I would assume that it would be better to configure e0a and e0b as a on both PCMs as a VIF to maximize capacity to the CIFS share and so that when fail over happens we don't loose any capacity.  How do we do that?



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When you run through the initial setup i it asks about the admin host and the filer IP.

Admin host is useful if you want restrict management capabilities (of NetApp) to a particular machine only (say IP address of your mgmgt server). If you leave it blank, there are no restrictions.

Filer IP address is required to access it over network, rather than only via console cable.

I would assume that it would be better to configure e0a and e0b as a on both PCMs as a VIF

If you mean vif spanning two controllers, this is not possible - each controller has its own identity & network config, with the exception when failover occurs & failed partner is run as a virtual instance on the surviving controller.

Re: Configure CIFS on FAS-2240-2


  Thank you for your help. With your assistance I was able to get teh controllers up and running as an HA Pair.  Additionally two CIFS share are up and I have tested fail-over and it worked very well.  Much better in fact than our MS Clustered NAS Controllers.

Thanks again