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Creating a CNAME to point to Netapp NTFS share


We are replacing a share on a Windows 2003 server with an NTFS share on a NetApp volume.

In order to ensure that UNC paths in document hyperlinks, I was planning to create a CNAME of the original file server.

I then came across this article: ( which mentions creating a reg key on the new server to disable strict name checking. Is there a way to solve this problem on the basis that the replacement share is not on a windows server?


Re: Creating a CNAME to point to Netapp NTFS share


The fix in the article is required because Windows server did not respond if the name in the request was different from server name. In my experience NetApp filers (at least recent Data OnTap versions) do not care about the name. But there is 'options cifs.netbios_aliases', where you can put your alias name.

The only issue that I found is that you need to make sure that there is no computer account in AD with the same name as the alias name, or you most likely will get access denied errors.

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