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Cut & Paste Volume?


Dear NetApp Gurus,

Would you please share your tips on moving volume between aggregate by cut & paste from WinServ host?

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you soon.



Re: Cut & Paste Volume?


You can't move volumes this way. You can move files between different volumes, but not volumes themselves.

Re: Cut & Paste Volume?


Since CIFS shares cannot point to an aggregate, It is not possible to "copy" or "paste" a volume using that method.  You do, however, have a few other options.

1.  DataMotion is a feature of Data OnTap 8.x.  DataMotion for Volumes allows non-disruptive movement of volumes between aggregates.  Here is a link to the datasheet for DataMotion for Volumes.  I presume it will require a license.

2.  The "ndmpcopy" command can be used to copy data between locations (or between NetApp controllers).  I believe ndmpcopy does *not* require a license.
3.  Volume SnapMirror (VSM) can replicate the volume.  After the replication completes and is up-to-date, breaking the mirror will make the destination writable.  This feature requires a SnapMirror license.
     3a.  Qtree SnapMirror (QSM) can also replicate qtrees.  It is similar to VSM, but it replicates data on a file-by-file basis instead of treating the entire volume as a single file.  This feature also requires a SnapMirror license.

Re: Cut & Paste Volume?


Vol copy command can be used as well...

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