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Deleting Orphaned SIDs

Greetings All,


In an effort to continue cleaning up the current NetApp infrastructure, I am looking to delete a bunch of orphaned SIDs that exist with the Local Users and Groups. Note: I do not have access to the domain controllers, so the ldp.exe would not be useful for this issue.


I have been able to find these orphaned SIDs by using the useradmin domainuser list -g administrators cli and getting back the following:






By using the cifs lookup command, I am able to see which SID is orphaned and now have an idea on which ones to delete. The problem is, using the useradmin user delete with the SID does not work.


Does anyone have an idea on how I can go about fixing this issue.


As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated.



Re: Deleting Orphaned SIDs

where are you trying to delete them from?  inside the CIFS ACLSs?   or the share level? 

Re: Deleting Orphaned SIDs

I believe the cifs level.  These orphaned SIDs are located in the administrators group on the filer.

Re: Deleting Orphaned SIDs

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