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Edit /etc/rc file over NFS

Since I cannot find another way to do this I was wondering if it is considered safe to edit the /etc/rc file over NFS. I mounted the /vol/vol0 as NFS datastore and want to change the vif config to LACP by downloading the RC file to windows, edit it, and upload it back to the NFS mounted datastore.


Re: Edit /etc/rc file over NFS

Yes, it is pretty safe. As you are going to edit it under Windows, watch out for line end change (Data ONTAP is using Unix convention, not DOS).

Re: Edit /etc/rc file over NFS


The rc file takes inot effect the next time you reboot the Controller. So editing it throughNFS should not be an issue. You can do use the rfile command in SSH console and copy the content to the notepad and then paste the same back using the wrfile command and Ctrl C to save it.


Re: Edit /etc/rc file over NFS

As noted by aborznekov, notepad and wordpad will cause you problems.  You will need to use something like notepad++, textpad, programmer's notepad, etc.

- Scott

Re: Edit /etc/rc file over NFS

Think you missed the d.....Filername> rdfile /etc/rc

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