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Excel shared workbook on CIFS


Are there know issues with utilizing MS Excel "Shared" workbook on CIFS.  We are receiving an error that the file is locked, but I have verified with the Lock Status from the filer that the file is NOT locked.  I have terminated the user session in a last ditch attempt to unlock the file, but this also did not release the lock.  I am aware that I can terminate and restart the CIFS during non production hours, but would like to know if this issue was caused by the fact that this is a "Shared" Excel workbook.


Excel shared workbook on CIFS



I have a similar issue with Excel 2007 running on windows 7. A Shared workbook will be access by a user. They will close out of it and save some changes. Thye may open it later to be told that they themselevs have it locked for editing. When i check on the filer there is an oplock open against that machine and user for the file. I think this is an issue with windows 7 not releasing the lock rather than the filer but i'll post here in case anyone has information about it.

Excel shared workbook on CIFS


Thank you for your post...

Although on the NetApp Filer when executing the lock status command, did not show the file status as locked, I was able to unlock the file with the command below, utilizing lock break owner..

lock break -o owner [-f file] [-p protocol] (valid for CIFS only)

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Excel shared workbook on CIFS


You also may want to try using the Windows Management MMC to do this

1) Right Click on My Computer & select Manage

2) Right Click on COmputer Managment (Local) and select Connect to another computer...

3) Enter the name of the filer

4) Drill down to Shared Folders > Open FIles

You should be able to close files from here. May be easier for some folks than using SSH.

Re: Excel shared workbook on CIFS


I ended up applying 7.2.3 P2 to resolve this issue

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