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FAS2020 Active/Active Configuration


I have a dual controller FAS2020 set up in an active/active configuration.  Do the configurations for each controller need to be exactly the same for this to work in the advent of a takeover?  By that I mean do the same protocols need to be started, the network interfaces set up the same way (VIF), etc.


Re: FAS2020 Active/Active Configuration

Hi Doug -
The Active/Active Configuration Guide gives requirements for the various active/active configurations - for example Setup requirements and restrictions for standard active/active configurations  states among other things:
  • Nodes must be attached to the same network and the Network Interface Cards (NICs) must be configured correctly.
  • The same system software, such as Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS), or SyncMirror, must be licensed and enabled on both nodes.
If a takeover occurs, the takeover node can provide only the functionality for the licenses installed on it. If the takeover node does not have a license that was being used by the partner node to serve data, your active/active configuration loses functionality after a takeover.
You can find the Active/Active Config Guide for your version of Data ONTAP at:
Also, the Active/Active Best Practices Guide my provide some help.
Hope this is some help,
Marty Houser
Senior Technical Writer
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