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Multipath Software Decision

Hi  to all ,

A question in my mind confuses me.What is the correct solution for the multipath drivers ?.For example think about a windows server having a disk from Eva 4400 ,so there is currently a multipath driver installed to that operating system .If we also want to  attach disks to this OS from netapp ,we do have to install multipath drivers for this also.

Is there any conflicts or problems in this kind of a scenario ??? since 1 Operating system with multiple Multipath  (Hp DSM and NEtapp DSM ) drivers will be in use ...


Re: Multipath Software Decision

You could start with telling us your operating system.

Re: Multipath Software Decision

there are 2 different systems ,one is windows 2008 ,the other is windows 2003

Re: Multipath Software Decision

For Windows 2008 it may be possible to use MS DSM for all storage systems. It is supported by NetApp, check if it supported by your other vendor.

For 2003 you have to use NetApp DSM indeed. This is always tricky situation. In principle, each DSM should bind to known storage system only, so from this side it is OK. But different vendors may have different requirements regarding driver settings, even support different driver versions. You could try to find a common set of parameters that are supported. The best is to open case both by NetApp and other vendor and ask.

Or you could use third party MPIO drivers like Veritas ☺

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