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NFS v4 infinite locks and / or memory leaks on CDOT 9.3P2

We are running CDOT 9.3P2 with an SVM providing NFS v4 services.

We are running in to problems with NFSv4 clients creating a huge number of locks, to the point where the SVM slows to a crawl, and eventually stops responding.  Even Powershell get-nclocks becomes unresponsive, at some unknown point.  We just can't seem to finger where that point is.


Our current plan is to migrate to CDOT 9.3P9;  Has anyone else seen these issues?  I have read the NFSv4 RFC's and I understand that it leaves a lot to the client, but we are committed to NFSv4 due to RHEL 7, and need to stabilize our CDOT cluster.



Re: NFS v4 infinite locks and / or memory leaks on CDOT 9.3P2

Hi Tas,

We have seen quite a number of client side issues causing the NFS store pool exhaustion on NetApp end which eventually leads to NFSv4 outage . 

I would recommend to open a support case so that we can gather the store pool counters stats , relevant lock information and  a trace at the time of the issue to identify if it is a client side or server side problem.