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NFSV4 + NIS = mapping issues

Hi everybody,

I try to use NFSV4 on NETAPP in a Linux (REDHAT6.X)+NIS environment.

I encounter owner/group mapping issues :

what is set on the netapp :

nfs.v4.acl.enable        off
nfs.v4.enable            off off

nis.domainname           nisdomain
nis.enable               on
nis.group_update.enable  on

nis.netgroup.domain_search.enable on

nis.netgroup.legacy_nisdomain_search.enable on

nis.servers              myservers
nis.slave.enable         off

On the linux :

[root@linux_Redhat /]# dnsdomainname

When i mount an NFS ressource on any linux system, only account stored in the /etc/passwd of the netapp are mapped.

All other NIS account are not mapped, and files appears as "nobody"...

Any idea ?


Re: NFSV4 + NIS = mapping issues

ok, one options seems to be the good one :

options on

it allow to send uid/gid (nfsv3 like) when the system can't map username...

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