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Qtree quota performance overhead


I have been asked to report on folder sizes that reside within a Volume.  Fortunately for me the previous administrator had setup the folders within the volume as qtrees.

The qtrees, at this point, are nothing more than folders as they do not have quotas turned on against them.

My question is this; if I turn of the quotas for each of these qtrees, what kind of performance hit will I take against my filer as we move forward.  I know that initially there will be some overhead to do the initial Space Usage calculation, however as we add more and more files to these folders, will the calculation that needs to run be substantial, or no different than it would be for the Space Usage calcuation on a Volume?

The application that we use that is currently hitting this CIFS share is a eDiscovery application and has a tendency to put large amounts of files in the share.  For example I have one folder that is 400GB's (small) with over 4 million files in it, and around a 250000 folders.

So as this folder has more items added to it and the quota has to calculate the Space Usage, am I taking any more or less of a hit in performance as if I was just using a volume that does this calculation?

thanks, and I hope this makes some sense.


Re: Qtree quota performance overhead


We have never seen any performance issues for having quotas active on qtrees. Depending on the volume size/make up, it can take many hours for the initial quota scan to complete, but that is a low priority background process.

As a data point, we have a couple of 10TB volumes on a FAS6240 with over 312 million inodes and quotas turned on.

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Re: Qtree quota performance overhead


Thanks James, that is what I was looking for.

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