Quota on subfolder?

Hello All,

We want to move all the file sharing from an Windows Storage Server to our FAS.

On the Windows we have a lots of CIFS share as follows for our departmental shares:  /datvol/doc01/ and underneath are a series of directories for depts such as accounting, marketing, callcenter, etc.

The share will be created on the qtree like /vol/datvol/doc01/

Actually granular permissions are  applied through NTFS on the subdirectories and are based on "per folder" groups reflecting dept. & role.

How we could the same on the FAS? We would like to avoid 3rd party software... Maybe we could use sym link... Any experience or ideas?


Re: Quota on subfolder?

Hi Chris,

actually I have ie \dir\docs\user1 \dir\docs\user2 etc etc till \dir\docs\userN.

fo rmy understanding if I would like to preserve the "per folder" quota restrictions, I will create a qtree like /dir/docs with quota policy applied. after that I will create on the /etc/symlink.translations an entry like

Map /dir/docs/user1/* /docs/user1/* 

And I'll be able to apply quota policies at /docs/user1/*? Am I correct?

Re: Quota on subfolder?

Yes sorry Marco, you can easily achieve that by using the wildcard in the quota setting. I got the impression you were looking to have deeper sublevels of specific quota's which would be a little harder to achieve. If you are just looking at doing this on a global level with wildcards, this should be easy to achieve with the standard layout and quotas and without doing anything too complex with the data layout.

Re: Quota on subfolder?

Chris you are right. We need to get a granular quotas on subfolder that is not so simple to achive on Netapp. My idea is use sym link to get this goal.... without buying 3rd party software....