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Quotas for CIFS

Is it possible to assign quotas to AD groups for CIFS shares?

We have a FAS3270 and are in th process of migrating our file server over to it and I am having trouble figuring how to take and AD group and assign the users say 300mb limits for the share.  Everything i have read leads me to believe it can be done but i have founding nothing showing how.  The netapp is joined to AD and i can add users and groups to the shares.  Just not the quotas.


Quotas for CIFS

It is not possible with the "built-in" quota functionality, there are 3rd party tools to help with (but $$$)...

You can use a "workaround" by creating a qtree per share and then set the tree-quota to the limit you want.

Hope this helps.


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Quotas for CIFS


Have you seen this thread by any chance?



Quotas for CIFS

thanks radek.  That post was excatly like my scenerio.  Unfortunatly it confirmed that i cannot use the netapp to place quotas on AD groups.

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