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Resize volumen CIFS


Deseo disminuir el tamaño de un volumen CIFS, existe alguna medida de precaución que deba tener en cuenta al realizar la reduccion de espacio? hay perdidas de servicio?.

I want to decrease the size of a CIFS volume, is there any precaution to be taken into account when making the reduction of space? You lost service there?.


Re: Resize volumen CIFS

No.  The clients will dynamically see the smaller volume size.  The filer won't let you reduce the size smaller than the current space used.  I guess the only warning would be if you have 99G used in a 300G volume, don't resize it to 100G - because you'll quickly be out of space!



Re: Resize volumen CIFS

Thanks for clarification, is the only space is precacución decrease should be larger than the one used.


Re: Resize volumen CIFS

Yes.  Like I said, DOT won't let you shrink the volume smaller than the space currently used, but it WILL let you shrink it to current space + 1G, which will likely cause the volume to fill up.


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