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SMTAPE to CIFSs share dump

Hi guys,


I have 2 2500er Filers, both running 8.3.

As the second filer is far away and the WAN connection is pretty slow I would like to do the baseline transfer by using smtape.


But I only found a documentation for real tape drives:


However I`d like to do smtape to another local volume and mount this via CIFS and then copy the data to an ext. USB drive and do the restore

process on Filer 1.


Could you help me with the commands, please?


Many thanks!


Re: SMTAPE to CIFSs share dump

As per guide, only tape destination using "-tape /<node>/<tape>" is available. No external and internal(WAFL) destination is abailable in SMTape so far.
If you would like such functionality, consider to open a case for enhancement request.

Re: SMTAPE to CIFSs share dump



there is a way to do smtape to a filepath in Ontap 8.3.x

*> system smtape backup -volume test -backup-snapshot test -file-path /<vserver>/<volume>/<filename>

*> version
NetApp Release 8.3.1: Mon Aug 31 12:42:08 UTC 2015



Remember: its in diagnositc mode, so maybe not officially supported now.




Re: SMTAPE to CIFSs share dump



I have the same request.  I have used the 'smtape' method to initialize a SnapMirror relationship using a NAS device which was CIFS shared.  This however was using 7-mode.  I would assume that the same can be said for Clustered OnTAP??