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Shrinking NFS volume

Hi All,

I need o shrink a NFS volume with cifs shares added on it. And also NIS is enabled on the filer.

Please let me know shrinking this volume will have any effect on any environment..



Re: Shrinking NFS volume

Growing and shrinking are dynamic with volumes. You just can't resize below what is used.

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Re: Shrinking NFS volume

HI Scott,

Thanks for your reply..

The above volume is flexible volume and of 1 TB size with 500 GB utilized data. We are shrinking with 200 GB on that.

This is the situation here.

Re: Shrinking NFS volume

Shrinking to 800gb can be done dynamically with a resize

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Re: Shrinking NFS volume

srinking on volume not effect to the data if u know how muct data used on this NFS volume. if data in this NFS volume more than size the volume, i thing will be affect to data.

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