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SnapDrive RPC error SME DFM possible .Net issue


We've run into a major SnapDrive issue.  Our department recently move some filers from one datacenter to another.  With the new datacenter came new Ip addresses and new names for the filers.  Servers were also move but have kept the same IP addresses and names.  The filers are now on a different subnet from the servers but can talk.  The LUNs connect fine to the server and there is no issue there but we cannot manage the LUNs at all.  Here is the error we are getting.

Snapdrive is pointing to the old IP address for e0M.  We have updated preferred IP, deleted all DNS records of the old names/IP's, run cifs setup with new names, edited host files, uninstalled, reinstalled snapdrive and .net, rebooted and called Support.  Two days of troubleshoooting and SnapDrive still points to old IP when it wants to use zapi via RPC, HTTP or HTTPS.  In fact,  If I try to run snapdrive from any server to this filer it fails.

The issue is with the filer or the DFM server.

We have a clustered exchange environment and all servers use DFM for RBAC controlled backups.

Any ideas?  Has anyone ever seen this before?


Re: SnapDrive RPC error SME DFM possible .Net issue


Solved!  The issue was with the accesscontrol file.  Our SME backups use DFM for RBAC contol.  The old accesscontrol files still had the old ip's.  I used storacl.exe to update the files.  Issue gone.  Backups working.

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