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View Snapshot Directory of LUN

Hey Guys,

I have a LUN presented to a server, and I've started to take snapshots with snapdrive. I know there is a .snapshot directory, but I don't see it on my Windows 2003 Server when I look at the drive. I have it enabled on the filer to show the snapshot directory. I'm just wondering if this is even possible with LUN's, or do I need to create a CIFS Share to the volume to see this data? Perhaps I need to install something on my server?



Re: View Snapshot Directory of LUN


.snapshot directory is at the volume level, so you can't see this from within a LUN (which is just a special file inside NetApp volume).

So, yes - .snapshot directory visibility is specific to accessing a volume via network protocol, like CIFS.


Re: View Snapshot Directory of LUN

The .snapshot directory is a WAFL thing so you won't see it inside the LUN on your windows server.

To see a snapshot on a SAN host you create a snapshot-backed LUN and map it to the server as a new disk. Then you can drag and drop elements between the disks.

-- Adam Fox

Re: View Snapshot Directory of LUN

Thanks guys, I just mapped a LUN to the snapshot directory, and that worked just like I want.