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adding multiple export entries with one exportfs command

Hi Team

I am trying to add another export entry to existing NFS export. when I run exportfs command with -p  and security permissions and server name it removes the old server name instead of adding to it. is there another switch or command which i need to use where by I can add more than 1 export with single command?




Re: adding multiple export entries with one exportfs command

exportfs -p will comment out the existing line in the /etc/exports file then append your command edit as a new line to the end of the file and re-export it. From your description it sounds like you only included your new new server in the permissions list. If so you will need to run the exportfs -p cmd again including the original permissions list and appending the new server to the end of the existing. Be aware that each exportfs -p cmd leaves behind a comment line in the exports file.



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