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cifs setup configuration

I am running "cifs setup" on a new filer A, and will be using the same cifs configurations as an exisiting one B. Now, when I type "cifs domaininfo" on filer B, I am getting the list of 3 different types of DC addresses.

My questoin is which one should I pick to answer the questions that I encountered when I run "cifs setup": IPv4 address(es) of your WINS name server(s) ?

the following is the output:

filerB>cifs domaininfo

NetBios Domain:           abcdomain
Windows 2003 Domain Name:
Type:                     Windows 2003
Filer AD Site:            xyz

Current Connected DCs:    \\xDC02 and \\xDC01
Total DC addresses found: 20
Preferred Addresses:
                          IP1     xDC01    PDC
                          IP2                      PDC
                          IP3                      PDC
Favored Addresses:
                          IP4                     PDC
Other Addresses:
                          IP5                     PDC

                         ...                         ...

                         IP20                    PDC

Also, should I use to answer the question of What is the name of the Active Directory domain?


Re: cifs setup configuration

Also, should I use to answer the question of What is the name of the Active Directory domain?

Give :

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Re: cifs setup configuration

It looks like abcdomain is a child domain in the same tree as

If that is where the filer will live, I'd use that one.

Then the resulting FQDN of your filer would be

You should be able to leave WINS servers blank unless you really need them.

Re: cifs setup configuration

I honestly don't really understand what WINS servers are? Some answer "y" on the question of "Do you want to make the system visible via WINS?', then IP's..

If I answer "y", then should I use one, or two IP's in Preferred Addresses?

Re: cifs setup configuration

WINS (as I understand it) was/is basically windows pre-DNS name resolution.  It's sort of legacy, but still in use.  (Disclaimer: I'm a unix guy - this is just my understanding, I'm not selling it as hard fact!)  If your existing controller has it set, I would set it on the new one.  It won't hurt anything.

You can see what WINS addresses were used on the existing controller by looking in filerB:/vol/vol0/etc/cifsconfig_setup.cfg (or the appropriate root CIFS share of vol0.  I would use those same addresses.  Once you join to the domain, I would also set the same preferred addresses, unless you know of a reason in your environment that you shouldn't do this.

And bingen is right - use as the domain name.


Re: cifs setup configuration

Hi, Guys,

Thank you all for your inputs.

Bill, I checked the file filerB:/vol/vol0/etc/cifsconfig_setup.cfg, there is only one line in it:
cifs setup -security unix  -cp 437  -NTFSonly

Does that mean we did not specify any IP's for WINS server? if this is the case, then I should anser "n" to the question of  "Do you want to make the system visible via WINS?", and without giving it any IP's?

Re: cifs setup configuration

Yes, I would take that to mean that filerB is not using WINS - though I'm curious why filerA lists a NetBIOS domain.  Try answering no, then check out the domaininfo afterwards, and see if it lists a netbios domain.


Re: cifs setup configuration

No, filerA is a new filer, and lists nothing. It is filerB(existing one) lists a NetBIOS domain. I will let you know. Thanks!

Re: cifs setup configuration

Sorry - filerA is what I meant!

Re: cifs setup configuration

ONTAP will always show the domain netbios name, and every domain has a netbios name.

WINS was used by, and required by, NT4 domains. You generally don't use WINS anymore as Active Directory domains don't require it and it basically is just inferior to DNS in pretty much every way possible.

When you run CIFS setup, just say "no" to WINS. Unless your environment needs it for something odd or you actually have an NT4 domain. Which I assume you don't since the old filer says "Windows 2003" for the domain type.