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Hello Expert,

I am seeing quite alot of this: being suppressed. Is this a cause for concern?




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I'm seeing the same error on many of my filers as well.  I'm running 8.1.1 7-Mode

Exact Error:

filer:ems.engine.suppressed:debug]:Event '' supressed 1 times in last 96 seconds.

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I found out from Netapp that it is a bug and not yet resolved. They told me to just ignore it for now.

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Found a possible root cause... NetBios (windows ports 137, 138 (UDP) and 139 (TCP) are used to NetBIOS over TCP. TCP445 is used for SMB over TCP.) being disabled and/or blocked on the domain controller. The fix is to disable NetBios and to reset the DC connection on the filer.

Reference / Source:

Re: - what is tis

disable netbios where?

Re: - what is tis

The blog post mentions that in some environments NetBios is disabled on Domain Controllers.  This would lead to the filer making NetBios requests and not getting a response.  Check with your AD team to see if this is the case.  I will be checking shortly and will report back if this is the root cause.

Re: - what is tis

I don’t know what type of effect disabling it would have when browsing using

Please give us an update. Thanks.

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