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~snapshot not accessible


We have the following problem: NetApp filers with Cifs shares, latest software versions. From Windows Server 2003, ~snapshot folders can be accessed, but neither from Server 2008 (R2), nor Windows 7 (64bit). On another filer, it works, but we can't find any differences in the filers' parameters. We have to move from the 2003 server to the 2008 server but we can't if we don't have access to the ~snapshot folders.

To resume:

- filer 1: ~snapshot accessible from Server 2003, but not from server 2008 R2 or Windows 7

- filer 2: ~snapshot accessible from any server and Windows 7

- Allways using the same user account.

- Problem identical for any shares on any volumes

Error message attached.

Carlo Didier


Re: ~snapshot not accessible


Is version of Data ONTAP the same on both filers?

Re: ~snapshot not accessible


Yes. 8.1.1

Re: ~snapshot not accessible


All cifs options are the same between the two systems? The usermap.cfg file is the same (assuming you aren't using AD)? Security style for the underlying vols/qtrees similar to the "working" system?

You might be able to see something on the filer using sectrace when trying to access the share.. (I think that's the right command anyway - not in front of a system to give it a try)..

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