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vif favor and cifs session


We have situation where a single mode vif was implemented using one 100Mbps and 1g network switches with e0a connecting to 100Mbps switch and e0b to 1g switch.

Filer is serving CIFS and NFS data over the VIF interface.  Now we want to move the e0a to a new 1g switch.  When we check vif status the traffic is currently going through e0a.

My Question is:

If i do a "vif favor e0b" online what happens to CIFS and NFS sessions?


Re: vif favor and cifs session

Changing the favored address does not affect traffic:

Re: vif favor and cifs session


Thank you very much for your respone and the link.

I tested it and there is no loss of communication and i am to copy the data to a cifs share while doing a vif favor.

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