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1TB FC disk drives availability.


Hi All,

I am working on a project that is going to require a new SAN and I am looking at deploying a FAS31xx series clustered solution. I need to provision an initial requirement of approximately 100TB which will no doubt rise over time.

I want to deploy FC disks and the available capacity will play a major part in my decision on which model filer I purchase. I vaguely remember hearing that 1TB FC disks were soon to be available and wondered if my recollection was correct and if so does anyone have any firm dates?

Thanks in advance for any information.





Hi, welcome to the forums.  I have not heard anything on the "jungle drums" about 1Tb FC disks.  The main issue is the number of spindles vs the 16Tb limit.  ie poor total aggregate preformance.  {look at DoT v8 if you want bigger than 16Tb}  You can look at either 1 Tb SATA and the PAM II card or lots of 300Gb FC disks if total I/O is important.

Hope this helps



Same here actually -- haven't heard anything about 1 TB FC drives (another storage company is doing 600 GB FC FWIW).

For doing 100 TB, you'll want to think about the performance vs. space trade-off. That is, will a bunch of 16 TB aggregates be workable for your data layout? Or will you be better off waiting for ONTap 8 to go final (which will allow aggregates from 20-50 TB or so based on the filer head in question).