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8.3 C Mode Cifs shared to Windows Server. FTP Setup throuhg IIS




I have a unique situation and I can't seem to find any forum posts anywhere that describes a solution to my problem. I currently have a lun shared out to a windows server. On the windows server I have an FTp server setup through IIS. I am using a locally configured account on the server (servername\test) to access an ftp directory for file transfer. It is working as expected. I have been tasked with moving that iscsi attached lun to a cifs shared volume for flexibility reasons, (snapmirror to a dr destination) with the ability to easily mount the volume at DR. I created a clone and transferred the contents of the lun using robocopy. I configured ftp through IIS like I normally do but here's where it gets complicated. I can't configure a local server account on the cifs share because the share is technically on the filer. When I configure a domain account and try to login it fails with a 530 error home directory is inaccessible.



Hi Jeffrey,


Try the following steps: 

 Check that the user's home directory does not contain uppercase letters. If it does, change these to lowercase letters and try again.

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