Network and Storage Protocols

Accessing CIFS shares from VM's stored in NFS volumes




I've set up our test ESX 4.1 test environment and created a Windows 2008 Enterprise VM server. The server is running in an aggregate called aggrVM with one volume (so far) called vmos. The volume is NFS. The VM loaded fine. I can join the domain fine but I can't login with the account I joined the domain with or with any domain account. I can log back in as administrator locally but when I try to map to our software drive like so: \\netapfilername\software$ from the run box I'm prompted for my credentials. Since my domain credentials have access to that share I put them in but I then get an error that reads: "The account is not authorized to log in from this workstation." Does anyone know how to get me back on track? Thanks for the help!



Ok.. Rookie mistake.. Answer is as follows:


---computer configuration

----windows settings

-----security settings

------local policies

-------security options

--------microsoft network client: digitally sign communications always needs to be set to disabled.

All fixed now..