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Add or modify security permissons on a share


I've created over 100 cifs shares on serveral Filers.

Now I want to modify Security rights on all cifs shares. Just add some AD groups with differents security permissions.

(see attached picture)

Is it possible from a Filer?

And I don't wanna use MMC and manually modify Security permissions.

Add or modify security permissons on a share.JPG


In the Share permissons tab I want Everyone Full Controll. So please don't make any suggestions there.



You can use the 'cifs access' command from the CLI. However, there is no good way to do this across all shares on the CLI. Your best bet there would be to write a quick script, set up rsh or ssh access to the controler, then allow the script to look over a set of shares and set the perms.


Adam, Thanks for your answer.

I don't want to change permissions on the Share. See the attached picture to understand my question.


I dont think there is any option on Filer to do this

Try windows cacl.exe

Map \\filer\c$ or \\filer\d$

c:\cacl /t/e/g domain\group something which suits your requirement.

Hope this helps


Thanks Rahul,

Can you be more detailed in your answer. I don't really follow how to...