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Apple and Decru Datafort Connectivity


We have been using the Decru Datafort with Apple Snow Leopard for almost a year successfully. I am curious if anyone else out there is using Apple via CIFS to connect to the Decru Datafort? Any thoughts, suggestions, considerations?

Apple is currently NOT on the Decru supported list. But since we have been using it now for over a year, I wonder what the process is to get it on the list?

Has anyone at Netapp even done rudimentary testing on the two?



I don't want to just jump in and burst your bubble, but this is one of those requests that will never make much (if any) traction.

Currently there is no "new" development going on for the DataFort.  The DataFort has been hardware and feature locked for some time now, and are (probably) soon to be announced at end of life and end of availability.

Historically Mac operating systems were never tested by Decru QA.  Your statement of using Snow Leopard (10.6) over CIFS is far better than any of the previous versions (10.4 and 10.5).  I believe that there was a bug in those versions that did not allow for proper browsing of shares,,,,,,,,, rather you had to point directly to it (know the path structure).

At any rate, the only way you would get any attention on this would be to throw millions of dollars at NetApp as a net new project.

Decru will not support it currently or in the future.  If you do try and use it, they will very very clear that it is at your own risk.

This is just from my own personal experience.

If you need something encrypted, get a SAN and buy a BES from Brocade.