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Boot from SAN - FC Multipathing



I'm new here and i'll hope that something can help me with my problem.

My system:

IBM Bladecenter E with Bladeserver HS22, 1 QLogic HBA with 2 Ports (1&2), Bladecenter has 2 Fibre Switches (Brocade)

Netapp FAS 3140, Active-Active, 2 Disk-Shelfes (FC/SATA) Controller A is FC owner, Controller B is SATA Owner.

On the Bladecenter is HBA Port 1 fix on Fibre Switch 1 and HBA Port 2 fix on Fibre Switch 2.

The favourite path from the Bladeserver to the Netapp is ower Fibre Switch 1, HBA Port 1, Port 0b on Netapp Controller A.

We installed Windows Server 2008 (during installation there was only one active path) and boot from san is working.

We tested the second path from HBA Port 1, Switch 1, Port 0b on Netapp Controller B. It works fine over the interconnect...

Now we tested the path over the HBA Port 2, Switch 2, Port 0d on Netapp Controller A.

Windows begins to boot but until the first boot process Windows is craching...

It seems to be a problem for Windows if we want to change the HBA Port.

Netapp Host Utility Kit and DSM is installed on Windows Server 2008.

Knows anybody this problem? I'm happy about every idea.

greetings, simon



What is the cfmode settings on the filer side?



The cfmode setting ist "single image" (default value for 3140).

Is this helpful for you?