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Broken directory queries with ? wildcards




currently I'm facing an issue when using a NetApp hosted Windows file share with the standard Windows Backup and Restore tool.


The issue boils down to a "query directory" request being sent to the netapp server of the form:

Backup Set ????-??-?? ????


And even though a folder exists with a concrete date/time the NetApp server returns an empty result set to the Windows client (which runs Windows Backup & Restore). Sub-sequently this causes misbehavior of Windows Backup & Restore.


The same issue can be reproduced when using a command prompt with the dir command.


Side notes:

- Many other combinations of using * and ? wildcards work but the exact pattern above does not work

- General access including permissions to the share are properly setup

- There is a difference in behavior of the SMB protocol of Windows 7 vs. Windows 10. Windows 7 sents a * wildcard over the network and obviously then locally filters the results based on the actual pattern. So with Windows 7 everything works fine. But opposed to that Windows 10 passes the wildcards over the network as part of the "query directory" SMB request which moves the resolution to the server (i.e.. NetApp) which then misbehaves.


My first simple question to the forum would be if anyone can reproduce this behavior with a NetApp Windows share and Windows 10?







What version of ONTAP?


Have a look at bug 780660:


Thanks for pointing this out. This bug seems to nail it. I didn't have access to the bug database before. Also my IT department confirmed the bug. Unfortunately updating seems to be a more complex task.