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CIFS A false lockd message: "file.x is locked for userA editing"




From users who have newly started using SVM of Netapp system.

We have reports from some users that they are getting a message that "file.x is locked for UserA's editing" but UserA isn't editing that 'file.x’.

This problem sometimes occurs, but we can not reproduce the problem.

Have anyone seen any similar problems?

We want to solve this problem.

Please help us.



i assume this message comes from MS office?

can you confirm the version of office and windows?

does the user see his own user as the one with the lock?

what do you see with the command " vserver locks show -fields sharelock-mode,type,oplock-level,client-address,path" ? 


also adding here some resources for yourself to troubleshoot with:



see  if you want to break a lock for a user after you seen one with the earlier provided command. 


see for a known issue.


if the lock is for the same user itself. it could be an orphan session that still hold the lock. if it happens after a known network disconnection (hibernate, move between wireless point or from wireless to Ethernet). it could be that reducing the timeout will improve the user experience  (900 sec is the default() 


cifs options modify -vserver VSERVER  -client-session-timeout 900




Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


we confirmed Version of Windows and Office:

  Windows 7 Professional SP1 & Office2010 Professiona Plus
  Windows 7 Professional SP1 & Office2010 Standard 14.0.7015.1000
  Windows 10 Pro(x64) Build:1703 & Office2013 Standard 15.0.4569.1506
  Windows 10 Pro(x64) Build:1703 & Office 365 Business 16.0.8625.2139



Now I can not check the display with the command.
Now, we can not check the display in the command.


   "vserver locks show -fields sharelock-mode、type、oplock-level、client-address、path"