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CIFS :: Files in use but not shown as locked to another user :: file_handle timeout?


Hello everyone,


Today I need some help to solve a strange problem. In our company we recognized issues with files.

User A opens a file (excell sheet) and after that User B tries to open the same file. And it works! But it shouldn't.


I already enabled the security option in MS Office (Excel) to protect a file against multiple access.

So that cannot be the problem.


After some research I figured out, that this issue occurs more often when opening a file in the morning and keep it opened all the time until evening or 'til the middle of the day.


Is there a default timeout for keeping file_handles / lock states?

Is it possible to change this timeout?


Generally, why is it possible to access a file by multiple Users when oplocks are enabled and office settings deny multiple access?


Thx 4 any answer.




Ontap: 7.3.7P1,


cifs.oplocks.enable on
cifs.oplocks.opendelta 0

cifs.smb2.client.enable off
cifs.smb2.durable_handle.enable on
cifs.smb2.durable_handle.timeout 16m
cifs.smb2.enable on
cifs.smb2.signing.required off




does the following text make sense?


cifs.smb2.durable_handle.timeout This option determines the length of time that open files are preserved for disconnected clients. During this time, a client can reconnect and reclaim the files. After this time has passed, the open files are closed. By default, the specified duration value is in seconds, and can be specified with an optional s character suffix. To specify minutes (m) or hours (h) instead, append an m or h character to the duration value. Specify -1 to preserve open files indefinitely.

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