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CIFS / NFS dependencies on ONTAP upgrade?


I'm embarrased to even put this question on the community forums but here it is:


I'm working with an MSP (managed services provider)  to upgrade the ONTAP versions to 8.3.2 (and then 9.x). There is a concern there are software dependencies for servers that map an SMB share or mount and NFS volume. Honestly, I can’t think of any such dependency, but their insistence has me very confused. For FC, iSCSI and FCoE I can see that there could be software dependencies like the DSM, host utilities or SnapDrive etc. But on a host that simply mounts an NFS volume?  Maybe if the server is using a really old version of SMB or NFS but I see even 9.1/9.2 supports SMB 1.0…so again, no idea what the concern is.


Is anyone aware of any dependencies on NFS/CIFS related to a DataONTAP upgrade to 8.3.2 or 9.1?





Please refer the below links

Configuration requirements on page 27

Preparing to update the cluster on page 14

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Awesome GidonMarcus, appreciate the point to those articles. I had been working with a NetApp prof. service resource and we working on cleaning up the gateways. I believe my managed services team was more concerned about software dependencies. I believe they were thinking there was some kind of client software that may need updating to access CIFS/NFS volumes as part of the upgrade but I just couldn't think of any. That said, I'll make sure they consider the above links. 

As for our versions we are upgrading from an old version -  8.2.3 P3 to 8.3 and then to 9.x (not sure which version yet).


Again, thanks for all the help.




Also I've seen reports for CIFS /NFS and FC in OnCommand Insight that try to tackle this challenge. It tracks clients that have connected via these protocols and keeps a running tally. This is a backend report in the Cognos Datawarehouse. if you haven't had a chance to check out OCI, give it a look. It may just be what you're looking for.