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CIFS Setup best practices?


I'm gonna throw this one out there.  We are setting up CIFS for file share access and user home folders with AD.  Whats the best way to approach this?  Basically my client wants to have one big CIFS share with folders beneath that.  This is to minimise the amount of mapped drives in windows.  Are there any problems with setting up CIFS in this way?  Or maybe problems I might face later on?

The other option which I was opting for was multiple CIFS with multiple qtrees on a per department basis.  Granular and segregated.  The reason behind this approach is basically, If there is an issue with one volume its only going to affect that volume and not the rest of the fileserver estate.

Thoughts on this would be appreciated.





Hi Gave,

If you want then you can go ahead and setup a singly cifs shares. there is no issue.

But this would be  good that saperate share for saperate deparment would help you to easily manage the access for it.

We have some shares where thousand of user accessing it without any problem.


Bhola Gond