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CIFS Share active directory profile issue.


Issues with Win 7 Profiles
When a new user is created, and they log in to a PC for the first time, a profile folder for that user should be created automatically in the profile folder share:

Share Name:Win7 profiles

This was working originally when ACCA was migrated to Windows 7.

For months now, this has not been working. When a new user logs on to a PC, no profile folder is created on the server. This means when they log off, their profile is not saved anywhere. Each time they log on, they are then logging on with a temporary profile and so no settings can be saved. It seems to be because the users do not have the required permissions on the profile share.

Desktop team took a look at the permissions on this Win7 Profiles folder some time ago, and noticed that for some reason, user Michael Mullin had been granted ‘full control’ on the share, clearly someone had made a mistake with the permissions. We requested this to be rectified. Michael has been removed, but the original permissions cannot have been restored correctly as we still have the same issue. I don’t know what the permission settings should be, as we had no involvement in the admin of this share.


The cifs share has full control permission for everyone from the storage end.Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.


Windows admin should know which permission of DACL should be set for profiles folder, I think.
This TechNet blog mentions to this topic.