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CIFS Size on S550



i have a question about an older S550. And i never manged a Netapp before

we expanded the size of our S550. Before we had about 2TB , now it is 3TB.

Autogrow seems to be activated. But the free space goes less and the shown disk size in Windows will not grow anymore. on the Netapp Manager the shown Windows share size is growing.

So i want to ask whats the problem. Is there pherhaps a 2TB limitation? Do we have to resize the drive manually? In the second case, what will we have to do then?

Thank you very much




Hi Daniel,

Its been a while since I've done anything with the Storevault but I will seem what I can remember to try and help you out.

When you say you have expanded your S550 from 2TB to 3 TB how did you achieve this?

Also you say the show disk size in windows will not grow, what version of windows are you using? Are you using MBR as your disk type? as this has a 2TB limit if you can go with GPT.


Hello Ruairi,

we added the new disk to the existing RAID6 in the StoreVault Manager. After that we see the new capacity as free space in the storage overview.

We are using different windows os (winXP, Win7, Server 2003, Server 2008R2).

Wher can i check out on the netapp the disk type? I see the primary storage called windows shares and a type called "windows shares", too.

Thank you