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CIFS and Quotas for Windows Users


Hi -

I hope this isn't a naughty subject line . But I have not found anything thus far on how to setup quotas on cifs shares on or netapp 6280. Currently still running ontap 8.01.

Anyhow I created a cifs share and utilizing ABE. but Since I am tryign to do a couple things and perhaps I am not doing it correctly. First off the ABE works great.

Example I created a share on a vol called Cifshares. The shares is simply called shares. with in shares there are folders but only the specific groups assigned to the folders can see what they have access to (thanks ABE).

user goes to \ \ filer\shares

then the folder(s) they have access to will be displayed below the root share of "shares"

Now I would like to put quotas on these folders within the volume below shares.. How can I do this? DO I need qtrees? If so, I am reading that we can't add windows AD groups for quotas...??!?!?!?




Correct on both statements... you do need qtrees and no group quotas for ntfs (but for unix groups are supported).


That’s a shame.. several million dollars on a san and cant set quotas for windows users / groups. ☹


With Unix credentials you can use if there is multiprotocol the cifs user mapping to unix could work but not ideal without native groups.  The user quotas work well though.


OK so I have this straight which seems to confirm some of the things I have been reading.

Quotas WILL work with Windows Active Directory users (individual usernames ) but not Windows Groups? Sounds like a management nightmare.

I allotted several TB volume to be for cifs then use ABE then have folders within and say the marketing groups wanted 100GB for their folder and I wanted to put a quota on it. Which doesn’t sound like I can do because it’s a folder and not at the share level. Also the qtree I am not sure how to use them in this scenarios since the qtree is based on the volume in a way not per folder.


A Qtree appears just like a folder at the root of the volume.  You could move all data into a qtree then modify the cifs share one level deeper into the qtree so users wouldn't see a difference in the structure.  Then you could apply the user quotas.  Quotas support a default * entry so that makes management easier...then override those that you don't want to have the default.  Not perfect but it does work.


OK Scott – thanks I understand now I appreciate the clearer picture.. ☺

Before I march forth on this mission and tweak a few things are there any pitfalls to qtrees ? I know the limit is 254 but I don’t think I will ever reach that but it sounds like a win/win. Any other tips?


4096 in current ontap. Or 4996. Can't remember off the top of my head but almost 5k per volume.


OK thanks! So saying all this qtrees are not required but if you intent to do quotas then implement qtree cause I assume the ‘q’ in qtree means quota ? ☺


4,995 qtrees per volume is the max.. qtrees are required for 7-mode if you want to use quotas.  Qtrees allow also for different security styles (ntfs, unix), enable/disable of oplocks and you can also use them for replication with qtree snapmirror and snapvault.